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Sailing companion wanted? Come to Onboard Space!

Sorry - we're after a sailing companion who can hand, reef and steer not ruff and peer...
Sorry – we’re after a sailing companion who can hand, reef and steer not paw, ruff and peer…

Not everyone’s families are into sailing. If you have the idea of putting up a ‘sailing companion wanted’ ad then perhaps you should consider looking over to Onboard Space. We have crew from around Europe who want to go sailing, even on a regular basis, and you could indeed find your ideal sailing companion!

Why would someone put up a ‘sailing companion wanted’ ad?

Your writer is a classic case of someone who has had a boat but my partner always makes excuses not to want to go sailing:

“The boat’s too big!”

“Tali (our young daughter) could fall over the side!”

“What about storms? Can you sail us safely on your own?”

“I read Moby Dick at school and know all about ship killing whales!” She hasn’t said that but this ridiculous comment is in her armament for sure.

Other, older skippers are fitter and healthier than their wives/partners. I used to sail with a guy whose wife had advanced Multiple Sclerosis. I met a man at the top of a mountain whose wife was also disabled so he filmed all his walks for her. 

Sometimes the fruits of our loins can object too, especially if you haven’t got them into sailing in the way we suggest in a previous blog

In all these instances we may be forced to put a ‘sailing companion wanted’ ad in our local sailing club. Now there is Onboard Space where you can find crew to sail with. 

Sailing companions – short, medium and long term…

There are all sorts of reasons you may need a sailing companion, though the term suggests a longer term partnership. That means you could be after 2-3 crew who help you go for a blast around the bay every weekend as new friends.

You could be after a companion for that longer trip you planned – how about cruising the Med or heading down to the Azores or beyond? Island hopping in the Caribbean is one of those bucket list trips that far too many end up doing on cruise ships rather than their own boats!

As with all human relationships these companionships could run deeper thanks to the power of personalities and the fire of chemistry, but that can’t be forced – we are like a dating agency but not actually one!

How to connect with someone on Onboard Space

So there you have it. Have we triggered some thoughts about why you may need to put up a sailing companion wanted ad? Then just head over to and sign up as a skipper looking for crew. On signing up you can look through our crew database and see who you may want to take sailing. If no one matches, then advertise through our Opportunities page for other crew to come sailing with you.

When you have found someone you want to talk to, it will cost you a prepaid credit that you pay for online. This can be for as little as €5 per connection. On meeting them in a neutral place you can decide whether to go sailing with them and go from there.

Fair winds, Skipper!

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