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Skippers seeking crew for winter sun? Come to Onboard Space!

seeking crew for winter sun?

I don’t know about you but it’s so cold on deck it could freeze the balls of a brass monkey over here in ‘sunny’ Dorset! Skippers who keep boats in warmer places during the winter are lucky – you can fly out to your boat to get away from this weather. The problem for many skippers seeking winter sun is that you could need crew to enjoy your sailing properly. That’s why you should come to Onboard Space if you are seeking crew. 

Solo isn’t always fun

Sailing solo is something that a hardcore of sailors enjoy. Most yachts need at least 2-3 people to sail them but solo is more of a challenge. Every time you go below for a food/coffee/nap is a risk where another vessel could get far too close in those stolen moments. Hit weather or do a night passage? That requires added endurance and fitness. 

Many skippers are seeking crew to get around this issue. Even double-handed can be a pressure for any decent passage so your ideal minimum is three for an overnight/multi-night passage. On a 3-on/3-off watch routine everyone will get at least a few hours sleep, and those on deck won’t be too exhausted after a stint. Reduce the amount of sleep much beyond 3X2 hours on deck and then everyone will soon wear down. 

Skippers seeking crew for different reasons

If I was a sociable type and was a skipper with Onboard Space as a resource, I would work my way around the available crew just for the fun of it. If you’re seeking crew you can find a whole range of people, personalities and skills. It’s the personalities that can really make a passage or overall sailing trip – whether highly intelligent, a bloody good laugh, a great storyteller or whatever, people can make a journey worth your while. 

That’s why Onboard Space can change the way people take on crew forever. No one pays much cash to meet up, and everyone can get going and meet new people as they do it. We often laughingly call the platform a ‘dating agency for sailors’ and I’m sure the odd bit of horizontal jogging will take place, but half the fun is meeting people in the first place. 

There are those skippers seeking crew who will want someone with tens of thousands of miles of experience on everything from Toppers to tall ships in weather from a gnat’s fart to a hurricane but that’s not always the case. Those seeking winter sun will be those who just want to get out to their boat because it’s in a warmer weather system with less change of a screaming wet gale trapping them in port! To that extent you could get away with being the social butterfly as you sail. 

Skippers! Sign up at Onboard Space to seek crew!

If you are a skipper seeking crew for winter sun sailing, sign up here and start seeking crew today. It can cost as little as €5 per connection – well worth your time and effort in finding those people who could make all the difference to your sailing holiday!