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Skippers wanted at Onboard Space!

Skippers wanted so others can enjoy sunsets like this together with them!

After a great first summer, Onboard Space has a special request from our followers – skippers wanted! Whether you are a skipper who have already signed up on the platform or have found us online, if you advertise your needs with us we have the crew that you need for your passage. 

Why sign up to Onboard Space?

Onboard Space is a community of skippers and crew who have the commonality of wanting to go sailing. When a skipper advertises we connect you to crew on the system. Our crews are from all over Europe and one or two from the other side of the Atlantic.

Skippers who advertise will find that they can meet and assess the crews for themselves and if they take them sailing we have a feedback system so everyone else gets to know who’s the cream of the crop. Crew can feed back too, so everyone on the system can benefit from this shared knowledge as to who the best people are to connect with.

In our multi-national network we have knowledge of the different waters that people sail in. That means skippers seeking crew can hunt for those in a desired cruising area and share knowledge as to where the best sailing/mooring spots are. People may even know shortcuts that come inside rocks or overfalls too – the sort of sailing knowledge that is prized and only shared among those in the know. 

If you’re new to a sailing area, Onboard Space can help you connect to your local sailing community too. It’s always handy knowing a few decent people to go sailing with!

Skippers wanted!

We at Onboard Space are are calling “Skippers wanted!” as skippers advertising for crew is what the machine needs to function. When you sign up to the platform you can advertise for crew to come sailing with you and browse among the crew available both local to you and from afar. 

We feature crew seeking a berth on a yacht on the website, but skippers advertising get a better hit rate than our general page. Onboard Space is effectively a crew/skipper dating agency. In the same way as men have to hunt and women fend off boarders on dating apps, the same applies to skippers! This is why skippers are wanted on our page.

Sign up to Onboard Space today!

Onboard Space and the crews alike are both calling ‘skippers, wanted’ as we can really make the community what it should be – a new and effective way of getting people sailing together. If you own or run a boat then you can respond to our ‘skippers, wanted’ call and help get this juggernaut of a crewing agency working. Many hands make life work! 

See you at the dock!