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Skippers looking for crew on the Med this summer? Come to Onboard Space!

From an Onboard Space ad - skipper looking for crew
With thanks to Andrew Tanner

At Onboard Space we love to offer skippers the chance to get the right crew for their needs. We’ve had a couple of big passages on offer lately but one has stood out where a skipper looking for crew needs some bods to help him sail his yacht on holiday on the Med this summer

The advert should get a lot of responses. Why? Most sailors are working people and are limited as to how far and how long they can be away. That’s why a skipper looking for crew may do very well advertising for shorter passages if at all possibly – or even a holiday of a couple of weeks afloat. 

Skipper looking for crew for shorter passages

The classic need for crew comes during a delivery passage. These can be longer runs, perhaps from the UK South Coast over to Greece. On trips such as this, particularly where there are longer coastal passages (or even Biscay) it is possible to advertise for crew to sail over a week or two at a time. 

In advertising multiple vacancies for the same passage the skipper looking for crew may well have a better chance in sourcing the crew they need thanks to the old problems of people being committed to earning enough money to enjoy the lifestyle that will include yacht crewing!

The old adage comes to mind: How to you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…

How would this work on an oceanic passage?

The Great Circles between Europe and the Americas are classic examples where you can still run reasonably short passages. The skipper looking for crew heading west will dip south to the Canaries, Azores and then off to the Caribbean for the long leg. Heading east, you could pause at Newfoundland and Iceland – and possibly even the Scandinavian mainland – before dipping south through the North Sea and onto your destination. 

Both Great Circles are warped a little (and let’s face it, the sub-Arctic North Atlantic is no idyll in terms of weather) but you can offer shorter passages that will attract more applicants.

Do pop by Onboard Space!

However you plan your passage, long or short, do pop by Onboard Space to see who’s who and what you can get from us for your delivery or holiday! We will advertise your passages online and through our blogs in times to come. 

If you are crew looking for a boat? The same applies! Sign up and see what happens – you never know: you may have the trip of a lifetime land on your lap!