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Skippers and crew – going somewhere this summer? Use Onboard Space!

Skippers and crew sailing somewhere cooler this summer!
In the hot summer coming, you’ll dream of weather like this!

Did you know that the UK hasn’t had a 100% coverage air frost this winter? We always do – several times a winter. That suggests we’re in for a hot one this year. Where’s the best place to be in a hot summer? 

This IS a yacht crewing site! 

Yes! The sea!

So what are your sailing plans for the summer? You a skipper who needs to get their boat somewhere to a decent cruising ground? You heading for a cool spot like the Baltic or Norway’s fjords or are you going to feel the burn in the eastern Med?

Now is the time for skippers and crew to start coming together to make your plans. Sign up on Onboard Space and arrange to meet!

Skippers looking for crew?

Skippers looking for crew should sign up with Onboard Space as we have a growing community of crew looking for boats to sail on. Our Facebook numbers are growing, as is our database of sailors as we increase our visibility online. 

It only takes 10 or so minutes to put your profile together, though the more detail you put in the more confident the potential crew will be in you and your plans. That’s not unlike a profile on a dating website where people are more likely to think you’re real from a full and decent profile!

From there you can start looking for crew on our database. 

Crew looking for skippers?

Crew looking for skippers should also get signing up. Go on – we don’t charge you! If you have liked our Facebook page then it’s only a 5-10 minute job to fill in your profile. 

Skippers are going to want to know where you have sailed and what experience you have had. The more detail the better! Your availability and geographical reach is important too. 

Getting it together

Skippers advertise their planned trips on this page. If you are a crew responding to a skipper advert then get in contact with them to discuss their needs and dates for the planned trip. It’s worth having a look once a week or so to see who needs what and when. 

Skippers can also look at our database of crew and contact the crew direct. That’s why it pays not to be a ‘Facebook lurker’ and to get your details on our website should you be looking for a boat to sail on this summer!

Obviously people won’t just hook up based on their profile. If you’re planning a transatlantic like this guyyou’re going to make sure that the crew isn’t the sort to throw you over the side mid-ocean and steal your boat! Equally he’s looking for someone who’s competent enough to rely on should the shit hit the fan – on trans-oceanic passages there’s no room for passengers. That means there’s a getting to know you process including a sail around the bay in some cases. 

Skippers and crew start connecting today!

With things hotting up outside already this year, hasn’t the time come for skippers and crew to start looking for one another? Sign up on Onboard Space today!