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Yacht delivery crew wanted? Try Onboard Space!

Yacht delivery crew wanted for this trip?
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If you want yacht delivery crew you could always sign up to the crewing website Onboard Space!

What are yacht deliveries?

Yacht delivery is the traditional way of getting your yacht to a different location. You can use professional crew or amateurs – but generally they need to be experienced in order to qualify to be yacht delivery crew. 

The most wanted yacht delivery crew are those who have piles of sailing experience and are highly skilled. The vessel may be new and untested and the crew will often have to deal with its foibles as they arise, sometimes far offshore. That requires a level of competence as these foibles can range from minor electric faults to full-scale rigging failures and worse. 

Deliveries can be literally any distance – it might be to a new cruising grounds in Europe and be just a couple of days in length, right up to a trans-Pacific delivery from California to China! You need the right crew with the right experience to match the job at hand. 

Traditional ways of finding delivery crew

There are professional crewing agencies out there that charge €€€ per crew and per trip. The cost can be enormous and you still don’t know exactly whom you’re going to get.

You can sign up the ‘idiot on the dock’ at a local marina or through a sailing club. These have their weaknesses as again, you don’t really know who you’re getting. 

Yacht delivery crew wanted – Onboard Space

A new crewing website has been launched this year designed to match skippers with crew – Onboard Space. Our job is to match crew with skippers according to their needs. This could be a yacht delivery crew wanted advert for a trip of a few hundred miles or even a trans-Atlantic crossing. At around €5 per connection made this is far cheaper than crewing agencies. You can interview them and perhaps even take them for a test sail to rate them yourself. You then decide whether you want them as delivery crew. With a pan-European reach you can even get delivery crew when you live in a small town where crew are scarce! 

Could this be the answer to your yacht delivery crew wanted needs? Sign up to find out!