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Sailing crew wanted? Come to Onboard Space!

Got my boat. Sailing crew wanted!

If you are a skipper and are looking to post a ‘sailing crew wanted’ ad then you would do well to go to Onboard Space! There are other ways to get crew – let’s look at a few of them.

Where to put a ‘sailing crew wanted’ ad

Most sailing clubs and marinas have a form of community – we are a sociable bunch and like to have a beer or 20 together from time to time! That means you can get the jungle drums beating around your social group and beyond that you want sailing crew. The level of idiocy of the idiot on the dock can be quite variable however – just because they can talk the talk doesn’t always mean that they can walk the walk!

Marinas and sailing / boating clubs will all have their community noticeboards and a classic ad on there is a ‘sailing crew wanted’ ad, calling for people in that community to come sailing with you. For this it depends on where you want to go and what you want to do. A trans Atlantic sailing crew wanted ad will on average get fewer expressions of interest than a blast around the bay, but in both cases there is still a problem of just who sees the notice. For all you know a dozen fine hands will want to sail to the Caribbean when you just want to blast around the bay!

Onboard Space – a more reliable solution?

Onboard Space offers you a chance to put up a sailing crew wanted ad online and to get your crew in just one spot. Skippers and crew can put up their profile including sailing CV and qualifications, as well as the boat you sail / want to sail, and for others to find you online. 

In this way you could find your crew very quickly and reliably. Once you have been sailing together you can offer feedback on one another and this helps others in the community make judgements about you and your crew. 

Right now Onboard Space is looking for skippers like you! For your first 5 sailing crew wanted ads you pay absolutely €0 – zero, zilch, nada! This means that you can get sailing for just the cost of the trip. Even once you have exhausted your first credits, it costs less than €5 per connection  from a sailing crew wanted ad. Not a bad deal is it?!

Sign up today on Onboard Space!