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Boat Owners: Start Planning a Post Lockdown Passage!

Boat owners blasting around the Needles
With thanks to Christina Burford

In these dreadful times we need to focus on the future to keep ourselves in mentally good shape. If you’re a boat owner that means planning a journey after lockdown. At Onboard Space we can supply the crew – boat owners only need to plan that passage!

Where are you today?

As governments put our worlds into lockdown, right now things feel pretty shit don’t they? We feel lonely, scared and uncertain. Could we have the virus growing within? How will it hit us when it explodes into action? What of our friends and loved ones? Watching news around the world we see horror stories at home and abroad. The UK is regularly compared to Italy, and is following its trends closely. Spain, Switzerland, France and the Low Countries are going into lockdown too, all with their own issues. 

Focusing on the future is key for survival. What do you really want to do after this mess ends? Boat owners in particular have an answer floating at the dock just now! What’s your plan for a post lockdown blowout?

Boat owners can break free

While I am already hearing rumours of businesses and institutions threatening to reduce holiday entitlement after the crisis blows over, I don’t know about you but bugger them! The economy’s going to Hell in a hand-basket for the next 12 weeks so the boss can wait another two weeks while you recover your wits from the world!

Yes, in many cases you as boat owners are the bloody bosses too. As you plan your own freedom, plan your workforce’s freedom for a time after we’re allowed to hold our friends close again. Let’s all invest heavily in the entertainment sector and have a complete blast! You can’t take money to the grave but you will be remembered for the good you do, and allowing people to let off steam after this human crisis is one of those good memories that will last long after you go. 

Where are you planning to go?

Where’s your boat lying today? Where can you get in two weeks sailing? That could mean island hopping around the Balearics, Outer Hebrides or Greek Islands. It could mean a blast out to the Fastnet Rock and back, or a trip across the North Sea to the Netherlands to sample their green and sweet smelling produce (not for export!). 

Whatever you want to do after this weird period of just seeing your four walls, focus on it. What do you need to do? Even before victualling and actual passage planning you need crew. Boat owners can find crew with Onboard Space for as little as €5 per connection. They might be young or old, experienced or inexperienced – collectively they are signing up with our database in droves as a means (like you) of doing something positive and powerful after all this crap is over. 

Change the things you can in this world and accept the things you can’t. Let’s focus on getting sailing after the storm!