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Yacht delivery skippers? Find crew on Onboard Space!

Yacht delivery skippers - crewing so you miss rocks like this!
Mind that island!

As the seasons change so yacht owners are looking to move their vessels to new cruising grounds or back home. Many will be working so will look to hire yacht delivery skippers. The yacht delivery skipper will have their networks of fellow sailors but have you considered Onboard Space as a source of crew?

Yacht delivery skippers’ jobs

Yacht delivery skippers are highly qualified, experienced sailors who move yachts around the Globe. They will often charge a decent fee and travel expenses to the yacht owner but in return will do a job that the yacht owner lacks the time/experience to undertake. 

One of the jobs they do is taking yachts on the Atlantic Racing Cruise (ARC Race) from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. Large numbers of yachts are delivered from Europe to the Caribbean in this way, and despite its roaring success and popularity there is still a need for crew.

The yacht delivery skipper will be responsible for getting the vessel safely across the Atlantic in this case and that means everything from victualling to crewing and then navigating and sailing the vessel safely to the destination. This is no mean feat unless you really know your onions when it comes to sailing!

Given Climate Change, the weather is changing and even getting close to the Tropics you’re going to see uncomfortable weather conditions at times. The ARC behaves as a flotilla so anyone who ends up in a fix will be looked after.

Another route for yacht delivery skippers is on the North Atlantic along the Great Circle from the US to Europe. Even in summer you can have a kicking along that route, with weather systems marching from Canada on to Europe on a regular basis. 

Crewing on deliveries

At Onboard Space we have crew looking for skippers. For deliveries you’re unlikely to be hired through our platform unless you have a decent amount of experience and skills. Beyond around 200 miles offshore you’re not going to see a helicopter or Lifeboat racing to your rescue, leaving around 2000 miles of ocean where you’re on your own. 

A well maintained boat is good for that but the sea is so clever at finding your weaknesses that if the vessel has one it will be found and pecked at until it breaks! People get hurt too, and someone with an advanced First Aid qualification (and the kit to perform it) will be in high demand. 

Skippers – why choose Onboard Space?

Onboard Space is a resource for skippers and crew to meet and connect for their chosen sailing adventures. Crew sign up for free, while skippers will pay around €5 per connection. Once the skipper has assessed the profile they connect with them and see if they walk the walk as well as talk the talk. If you can work together then you can head off to the sunset.

There are other ways of yacht delivery skippers getting crew, including picking up the idiot on the dock or at the yacht club, but we are a new and different resource and can be accessed online. Being online you have a choice of crew from almost anywhere in the world. That’s no bad thing is it?!