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Crew wanting to sail in the autumn and winter months?

crew wanting to sail in autumn

All seafarers get a hankering to go to sea. That time can only end by getting afloat – not unlike a junkie finally getting a needle-full of bliss! If you are crew wanting to sail and live in Northern Europe that can either mean sailing in beefy weather or travelling south to sail in better weather. 

Crew wanting to sail in autumn

Let’s face it – the weather is losing its mind at the moment isn’t it? Here in the UK we’ve just had a nice but not-too-hot summer and then autumn arrived a month early, just in time to piss on school summer holidays! For all we know we will see a ferociously hot September just as the kids start school – or given the heat in the atmosphere some pretty nasty storms. 

Traditionally the weather can be quite nice in Northern Europe in September. The sea still has warmth in it and there can be pleasant autumn days that are great to get out in. Come October you’re in for a rougher ride. 

This has meant that crew wanting to sail in Northern Europe start looking south to the Med. Catalunya can be fun as can Southern France, Italy and Greece. In all of these regions you get periods of bigger winds and cooler evenings. 

The Aegean can be more pleasant to sail on in autumn than in the heat of summer when the Meltemi blasts at F6 and up in 40 degrees of heat. The Bora on the Adriatic can wake up a little and give some big winds as opposed to the sea breezes of summer, and the Mistral / Tramontana can be a bit stronger too.

However for all that, it is better being there than stuck in your waterproofs in a gale on the nose, being hammered with freezing spray as you may at home!

Limited by geography?

Crew wanting to sail in the autumn and winter months have traditionally been a bit limited. If you don’t know someone with a boat in your ideal location you’re basically going to have to charter a yacht. 

Onboard Space changes that. How? You can sign up on our crewing database and set your preferred cruising area. That means skippers looking for crew in that area can call on you to help them sail their boat in the location you want to sail in. 

This in turn has the impact of enabling you as crew to sail in different locations according to your personal preferences and indeed, whims! You can meet new, real people for whom the ‘Tourist Dollar’ means nothing and who just want to have a fun time afloat. That could mean really authentic food and experiences at bars and restaurants that few other tourists would get by return. 

Onboard Space is revolutionising the way crew wanting to sail can get afloat today. Want to get in on the action? Sign up today!