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How could sailing schools benefit from Onboard Space?

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Sailing schools can recruit students through Onboard Space!

Let’s face it, with most sailing schools in Europe small to medium enterprises and just a few boats at most, a new way of attracting students could be a very good way of keeping your business afloat. 

The sailing school environment

The business environment for sailing schools is extremely competitive to say the least. Sailing coaches are highly qualified relative to their potential incomes (they could get similar training and earn a lot more in another line of business) so good ones are rare as hen’s teeth. As well as the sailing coaches you need a sound flotilla of boats that have to meet commercial vessel standards of safety and cost quite a bit to maintain and be re-tested every few years. Consequently the margins on sailing schools can be quite fine. 

To add to the fine margins, you frequently have clusters of sailing schools in certain marinas where business is going to be better. This can mean several finely balanced businesses duking it out for business. 

Sailing school business is often subject to macroeconomics – people will find €500 or more for a weekend’s sailing and seamanship coaching in their wallets when the country’s economy is good, but may defer spending on a sailing course when things aren’t so wonderful and the clients may be worries about their jobs or medium term financial prospects. 

This is why new ways of gaining advantage on your competitors could make for a better year, and perhaps even mean you too can go on holiday as well as your clients!

How can Onboard Space help sailing schools?

Onboard Space is all about helping skippers and crew find one another. You advertise for free on our website and then only pay a fee should you recruit someone. Our fees start at €5 per meeting (charged to both organisation and crew) but you can buy the credits in bulk, meaning a considerable saving over multiple meet-ups.

As a hub for potential clients and sailing schools to meet up, this could provide for a new avenue of recruiting. As indicated above, you will probably be looking for that extra edge in the coming sailing season, and this could make all the difference!

For a limited time, your first five Onboard Space connections will be absolutely free. Yup, that means we’re offering a free new competitive advantage – not a bad offer is it?!

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