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Motor yacht skipper looking for crew? Try Onboard Space!

Motor yacht skipper with crew
High speed manoeuvres

If you are a motor yacht skipper looking for crew you could do well looking up Onboard Space! In this article we will look over a few other options as well. 

Motor yacht crew skills

Motor yacht crew aren’t just lounging about enjoying the sunshine or centrally heated bridge! The fact is there are loads of seamanship and navigation skills required. Let’s touch on a few:

  • Emergency operations from man overboard to Mayday and everything between
  • Handling a vessel under power in wind and current
  • Managing speed in waves and adverse conditions
  • Engine maintenance
  • Navigation among buoys and lights
  • Knowledge of draft and channels
  • Other vessels’ lights and shapes
  • Right of way

These eight, and many others, account for quite a portfolio of knowledge that a motor yacht crew should have in order to be able to crew a vessel of a wide variety of sizes. Though sometimes sneered at as ‘gin palaces’ by sailing types these vessels still need people with decent seamanship skills!

Where a motor yacht skipper can find crew

Traditionally the motor yacht skipper looking for crew would check out their local yacht club – not all yacht clubs are about pure sailing! Another place is to advertise or to ask about at their local marina. These can bring about mixed results, particularly in a smaller town or fishing village. 

This is where Onboard Space comes in. You sign up at and advertise your needs to motor yacht crew across Northern, Southern and Mediterranean Europe, and for less than €5 per connection you can connect with crew. As an introductory offer we are charging €0 for the first connections. 

Once connected the motor yacht skipper looking for crew can make your own assessment as to their skills and abilities and there you have it – you have crewed up for your passage!

The takeaway

Onboard Space offers amateur skippers and crew a chance to connect cheaply and easily, and thanks to our user feedback system we can show who the best motor yacht crew are for people who need them at a later stage. Simple!

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