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A peaceful late summer evening at the marina of Zöbigker Harbour, lake Cospuden (Saxony, Germany). I'm curious what this place will look like in autumn and winter.

Planning ahead – looking for delivery crew in September?

yachts with skippers looking for delivery crew
Zöbigker Harbour, lake Cospuden (Saxony, Germany). Ansgar Koreng

So, summer is coming to an end. You may well be a lucky soul who has a boat in your summer sailing grounds and needs to get it back to home port for haul out at home. You’ll be looking for delivery crew to get her back then?

Looking for delivery crew in Northern Europe?

If you’re a skipper looking for delivery crew for September you will need to start looking now. Though we would say this (!) have a look on Onboard Space to see about getting crew for a month’s time.  We have a number of suitably qualified crew who can do yacht deliveries throughout the year.

Even those who are footloose and fancy free need a little time to get ready to crew a boat. For those who want crew you can browse our website to see who’s suitable and get them aboard for your yacht delivery. 

In Northern Europe including Atlantic Spain and Portugal, people are eying up yacht deliveries back to their home countries so they can set about the winter chores around boat ownership. It’s far easier getting someone to reliably look after your boat in your home country and in your language than otherwise. It saves on travel too!

Why use crew for yacht deliveries?

Let’s face it, though you are at sea with all the pleasures that confers, yacht deliveries can be a bit stressful and are more about the destination than the journey. You may have a finite time due to work commitments and will have to focus on driving the boat hard in sometimes adverse conditions to get where she needs to be. 

In sailing through the procession of Atlantic gales and ex-hurricanes that line up to batter Europe in Autumn you need to be looking for experienced delivery crew. People who have done this sort of thing before and won’t spend the passage with their head over the side. Those who are technically adept and know their way around a boat.

Knowing the unpredictability of the seasons we could end up with a whopping High over Brittany and gentle zephyrs wafting the boat leisurely off to where you need to be. That to an end-of-season delivery crew will mean you burn fuel on the main engine as you plod mercilessly to your home port. On the other hand it could mean days in port with F12 screamers on the nose, waiting Ahab like for the weather window to get you at least a few hundred miles closer to your destination. 

Onboard Space – the place to look!

The message here is clear – if you’re looking for delivery crew for a delivery, come to Onboard Space to find who you need. It takes about 10 minutes to sign up (the more detail the better) and then you can get looking through crew profiles. You never know who you might meet – the guy who gets you home quietly and without causing any trouble could well be among them!